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Established by DAVID HANCOCK in 2006 to broaden his at that time more than 50 years of lecturing and teaching about wildlife and conservation, especially bald eagles, to include the web, the Foundation's mandate is to use the Internet in general and live streaming wildlife video in particular to promote the conservation of wildlife and its habitats through science, education, and stewardship. In David's words, "Our first live eagle nest cams reached and taught more people in a 4 month period than I had in all my years of lectures combined. This is the way of the future." 

David Hancock

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The Wind Destruction of the Delta 2 Nest Tree

What a catastrophe. If I had ever spoken of the stability of any of our nests I would have put Delta 2 near the top. Oops. Of course we don't usually get these high winds in the summer when the trees are fully leafed-in and offering full resistance.

The question has been asked, could we put in a replacement pole since the area simply has few suitable trees for natural nesting? Certainly the territory of this pair does not appear to have any big trees left. The simple answer is yes. The more complex part is pulling it together in 2 weeks.

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Tree holding bald eagle nest cut down

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Hopkins PD saves America: Officers rescue injured bald eagle found by road

Wildlife News

Hopkins police officers scrambled to save a particularly majestic citizen Wednesday morning – a stricken bald eagle.

Read the story and view the photos here: http://bringmethenews.com/2015/08/12/ho ... d-by-road/

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Bald and Golden Eagles Victorious: Court Invalidates 30-Year "Eagle Take" Rule

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Feds' Violation of Environmental Laws Cited

(Washington, D.C., August 12, 2015) The U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, in San Jose has ruled that the Department of the Interior violated federal laws when it created a final regulation allowing wind energy and other companies to obtain 30-year permits to kill protected Bald and Golden Eagles without prosecution by the federal government. The court decision invalidates the rule.

American Bird Conservancy (ABC), a plaintiff in the lawsuit, hailed the decision. “We are pleased that the courts agreed with us that improper shortcuts were taken in the development of this rule,” said Dr. Michael Hutchins, Director of ABC's Bird Smart Wind Energy Program. “The court found that important laws meant to protect our nation's wildlife were not properly followed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, putting Bald and Golden Eagles at greater risk.”

Read the rest of the story here: http://abcbirds.org/article/bald-golden ... take-rule/

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Bald Eagle Numbers Continue to Soar

Wildlife News


LAKE ANDES—The bald eagle population in South Dakota is flying high once again.

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission voted last week to take bald eagles off South Dakota's list of threatened species, making a move that parallels what was done at the federal level nearly 10 years ago.

Read the rest of the story and view the pictures here:

http://www.mitchellrepublic.com/news/lo ... tinue-soar



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